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A statistical information system for urban agriculture

We are proud to inform you about a new initiative in the urban agriculture sector. Filament Europe is part of it.

"As part of an informal consortium, we, several organisations from Belgium, France, England, and Switzerland, involved in enhancing knowledge of urban agriculture, propose a joint action to tackle the lack of good quality data and metrics. Our vision is to enable the building of a European urban agricultural statistical information system that would foster knowledge and improve sustainable development. This collaboration would avoid duplication of effort and save costs.

Our actions aim at:

  1. Enhancing knowledge and transferring information by collecting, processing, and storing the statistics and disseminating the results: Various statistical analyses will be applied to the raw data to identify relationships between variables, interpret the information and make predictions.

  2. Advocating for the construction of a European urban agricultural statistical information center. This structure would be responsible for managing the statistical information. Its representatives shall, specifically, support the legal rights and responsibilities to receive data and contract confidentiality agreements."

Are interested to know more? Please contact us at for further information.

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