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Happy New Year from Filament Europe!

2021 was a busy, but rewarding year, so we would like to take you through our favorite highlights before looking ahead to 2022.

First, the team worked hard to consolidate its position as a strategic adviser in sustainable agriculture, particularly on urban agriculture and organic farming. Thus, Filament Europe's team has been advising an urban farmer on the best practices needed to ensure the success of a marketing strategy for processed urban agriculture products. Besides, the team in collaboration with its partner Euralia accompanied a French and Belgium consortium, which aimed at setting up a European promotion campaign of organic products. Second, new fields of expertise were developed in connection with sustainable food systems and Corporate Social Responsibility. This, so as to support new businesses that were willing to adopt a development strategy that aligns with climate change and social justice concerns. Finally, new face-to-face and distance learning tools have been designed to provide learners (adults and students) with dynamic training. This is done through a systemic and participatory approach. For example, a role-playing game was created to demonstrate how urban agriculture can be used as a tool for territorial development and sustainable food strategies. Participants found the experience professionally rewarding (see quotes below):

" Many thanks for this enriching and above all professionalizing experience"

Matéo, Student at UniLaSalle (France).

"Your expertise has been very useful to better understand food strategies in urban areas"

Martin Pidoux, Lecturer Agricultural Policy and Markets at HAFL (Suisse)

On top of this, our efforts to co-build a European Urban Agricultural Information system continued. The reflection paper has been published on our website and directly sent to potential partners. Our consortium really hopes that funding opportunities will arise in 2022.

Stay tuned!

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