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Your organisation’s sustainability report in 2 clicks!

To better support businesses and other organisations in their sustainability journey, Filament Europe is offering a new service in partnership with ESG2GO, an automated rating tool for the environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) effects.

Global food production has a huge impact on our planet, and there is a risk of crossing environmental limits. However, scientists (D. Gerten, 2020)* have demonstrated that a sustainable food system could feed 10.2 million people within the Earth’s boundaries. This means that all organisations should operate within these limits to pursue sustainable development and protect themselves from potential nature-related risks. In this context, an effective monitoring, evaluation, and learning system is critical to provide them with the right support for informed decision-making.

In addition, voices at international, European, and regional** levels are speaking out for businesses’ systematic reporting on their impacts on the people and the planet. In other words, they are asked to be more transparent about their ESG practices. The purpose of a so-called non-financial report is to shed light on an organisation’s efforts and progresses to minimise its footprints and take stock of its handprints.

Benefits from a non-financial monitoring and evaluation system

ESG2GO is an effective rating, scoring, and reporting tool for sustainable development, created in response to the Swiss Federal Council's requirements of SMEs’ non-financial reporting*. This software program, developed in collaboration with universities, SMEs, and experts, enables public and private organisations to automatically estimate their ESG indicators, based on the company's data reported into the system. The related sustainability report, which includes a comparison to the benchmark of the correspondent industry, can optionally be edited (see attached fact sheet).

The ESG2GO rating-tool aims to help identify and direct attention to the ESG issues that have a substantial impact on an organisation’s financial performance and risk profile. It offers a holistic approach beyond carbon footprint analysis because companies focussing their sustainability effort on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions considerably narrow the large range of business challenges they need to address.

Thus, the results are relevant not only for reporting but also for adaptive management, accountability and learning within organisations. Internal discussions on the company's strategic sustainability objectives and priority actions for a resilient business model can be informed by this information, helping organisations to focus on what matters most for long-term value creation.

​In a nutshell, ESG2GO is a tool for:

  • Scoring and rating companies’ ESG indicators.

  • Identifying and communicating which ESG issues matter most to company performance.

  • Assessing the level of maturity of businesses and all other organisations in terms of sustainable development.

  • Editing sustainability reports.

To conclude, ESG2GO offers a simple, reliable, and cost-effective solution for adapting your current business model to sustainable development or for building a new one.

As a Professional Partner of ESG2GO, Filament Europe is happy to support you in the implementation of the tool. Furthermore, we can help you through the whole process, from analysing and interpreting the results to developing a strategy that benefits your organisation.

Don’t hesitate to reach out!

Anne Pelisse

*Gerten, D., Heck, V., Jägermyr, J., Bodirsky, B., L., Fetzer, I., 2020. Feeding ten billion people is possible within four terrestrial planetary boundaries. Nat Sustain (2020) doi:10.1038/s41893-019-0465-1.

**International standard (GRI and IFRI); The European Taxonomy regulation (art.8); Ordinance of the Swiss Federal Conseil (23 November 2022), on climate reporting by large Swiss companies.

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Jan 08

Bravo! Compared with the European Union is Switzerland trailing behind. Compact yet diligent (anti-greenwashing) tools such as esg2go help SMEs to comply and improve.

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